COMING SOON: Hedgewitchery, Brews, & Potions

the house of twigs school of ritual

This course is a look into the connections of folklore herbalism and magickal herbalism and how to incorporate that knowledge into making your own potions.

An insight into the class can be found here on The House of Twigs.

As a maker for most of my life, I have learned about working with plants and ingredients intuitively, working in the high-end cabinetry and finishing world, attending one of the most prestigious art schools, working with one of the top artists in the world where I had a chance to work with some of the biggest art conservators in the world, and then moving onto having my own skincare and magickal brand, Keven Craft Rituals.

This class will be a blend of knowledge, recipes, and how to make them your own. It gives you a basis for how to use magickal herbalism in simple things like cooking and skincare and then permission to make them your own.

COMING SOON: Introduction to Cartomancy: With the Lenormand

fortune telling caromancy lenormand wooden tarot skullgarden the house of twigs thot

Lenormand is a unique system of “The Game of Hope/Fate” which was popularized by one of the most famous fortune tellers, Madame Lenormand. Seh was well known for being a great fortune teller and was the personal reader for Napolean’s wife.

The game iteself originated around 1800, originally designed as a game in France or Germany. The named changed (after Madame Lenormand died) She was said to have her own custom deck.

This type of card reading differes from tarot or oracle readings because it is meant to be used to discuss specific things in the future and predict timing. Cartomany is a form of fortune telling.

It is a simple, yet advanced system that can add a depth to traditional divination through reading tarot and may help provide insight when the language of tarot or oracle cards won’t work.

Discernment, Banishing & Protection Magic

Banishing Discernment Protection magic Course online witchschool the house of twigs thot erika fortner

Protection Magic is the most highly asked form of spell work for new and experienced witches. In this course we will discuss magickal discernment, various forms of energetic debris maintenance, and protection magick including banishing spells and everyday protection.

We touch on aspects of folklore magic as well as practical spells and recipes that you can adjust to make your own.

This class is meant to be used as a guide to integrating tools into your own practice, and allowing your beliefs to integrate and made to be your own.

Elemental Magic: An Introductory Course

emma kethryn the house of twigs elemental magick magic witch witchcraft thot school witchcraft

Welcome to this short course in Elemental magic. It is my hope that by the end of this course that not only will you have a firm understanding of the Elements as concepts and actual forces, but that you will also have the practical knowledge to directly utilise them fully in your own personal crafts and practises.

The Elements are familiar to anyone interested in witchcraft and are some of the first concepts encountered; there’s always an Elements section in every witchcraft 101 book. And, for the record, there’s nothing wrong with those books and they can be helpful in the very beginning, but you do eventually outgrow them, leaving you wanting something deeper.

This course will require that you engage with your own locality. Much of the work contained herein focuses on the self and the individual’s relationship with the Elements, as such, personal growth is an important aspect, and so the course will be different for every person.

There is so much more to experience and know about the Elements, this journey really is one of discovery and I hope you’re as excited about this as I am!


COMING SOON: The Craft: and the Sins of the Witch

sins of the witch school witchcraft the house of twigs thot erika fortner

The Craft is something based both in practice, lore, and tradition. Behind all of these things lies the entirety of you as the practitioner and how you walk your path. No matter the tradition of witchcraft you practice, the way that you practice it counts.

One of the issues we can all face is confidence. Allowing the internal “nay saying voice” to speak up and determine how we fully choose to do something can really prevent our practice as an empowered witch. You do not have to be a witch to embody this practice, however you may find yourself more open to your own energy and to be on the path of the witch after confronting all of these issues.

Trending conversations about the witchwound, or hereditary witchcraft only come up in a means to control and manipulate the masses but from opposite spectrums. In fact, this isn’t about being a witch as much as it is being confident so when you are practicing magick, you choose to show up with your energetic potential.

Dislaimer: I am not a doctor, or qualified therapist. This information is to be used in tandem with proper psychological and medical care when necessary. It is not meant to replace or deny any medical treatment or practice.

Instead, use this course to delve deeper into what these words mean and how they show up in your life.

COMING SOON: Introduction to Shamanic Practices

shamanism online the house of twigs thot shamanism witch

Course Status: Not Started


Shamanism exists in cultures all over the world and the practice has existed for thousands of years.   Those who practice Shamanism usually have the following identifiers:

  • They work in non-ordinary reality or the realm of spirit working with spirit helpers, guides, and allies
  • They work in altered states of consciousness with helping spirits and allies typically by using rhythmic tools such as drums and rattles
  • They continue an ongoing relationship with their helping spirits to gain knowledge and healing practices to benefit themselves and their communities

This course will introduce you to the core practices of Shamanism including:

  • Brief history of Shamanism and recent expansion into Western culture
  • Introduction to Shamanic Tools and Symbols
  • Identifying your Shamanic Allies and Helping Spirits (including the Ancestors)
  • The Shamanic Journey

practical magick the house of twigs thot online moon magic school course class

Included in the cost of tuition for this course:

  • Access to all course materials on The House of Twigs Learning site
  • Lesson plans, assignments, and quizzes
  • Two complete guided Shamanic Journey recordings online
  • Ongoing email support from instructor

Embodied Witchcraft: Sensual Expression and Soulful Authenticity in Magick

danielle dulsky online witchraft school the house of twigs thot

The Witch’s body is the medium between her personal sovereignty and the cosmic energies integral to her Craft. Her magick is the lived conversation she has with the world about her deepest values, strongest convictions, high-fire desires, unhealed woundings, and non-negotiable boundaries, with all these soul-specific traits churning and writhing under her very skin. To embody the Craft is every Witch’s birthright. Through embodiment, we remedy the body-spirit separation that has plagued many human spiritual systems and robbed us of our sensual holiness. In the reclaiming of sensual expression and bodily autonomy within spellwork and ritual, the Witch honors the Earth, the elements, and her dual rights to feel and hand-shape her world.

This five-lesson, eight week course is self-paced, with the curriculum offering opportunities for embodiment practices to be integrated into an existing practice of the Craft or as a stand-alone introduction to living cyclically, ritual, and spell-craft. Each lesson is structured in the following format:

• New Moon Rising
This is the description of new content, introductory questions and points for consideration, and opportunities for initial exploration.
• Full Moon Transmutation
This is the recommended ritual, spellcraft, and/or creative work. Here, you, as the student, develop your own living practice of the content offered.
• Dark Moon Setting
In the final stage of every lesson, the student is offered multiple opportunities for meaningful integration of the content into her own practice; these include journaling, pathworking, and daily ritual.

practical magick the house of twigs thot online moon magic school course class

Lesson 1: The Witch’s Body
This introductory lesson describes the spiral dance of time, the way the seasons are lived within the body, and the interconnectivity between the aspects of the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone) and the Wheel of the Year.

Lesson 2: Cauldrons ‘Neath the Skin
In lesson two, we work with the energetic cauldrons of the body, dialoguing with these power-centers and framing them as integral aspects of soul where our ancestral inheritance is contained and made available to us.

Lesson 3: Body-Prayer in Spell-Craft
The third lesson highlights multiple forms of practical, embodied magick for banishing, protection, healing, and manifestation. This is a lesson in movement alchemy and living, breathing ritual.

Lesson 4: Toward a More Soulful Ritual
In lesson four, we work with the concept of “soul,” or that which is most unique about this incarnation you find yourself in. You will develop your own 21-day embodied ritual practice, and you will become a living expression of your magick. We work with all six senses in this lesson, and recipes for smoke-baths, ritual sippers, and other multi-sensory ingredients are offered in addition to visualizations and early psychic development practices.

Lesson 5: These Bone-Deep Tattoos
The final lesson asks you to explore and connect your deepest values to your Craft. What kind of world do you hope the children of the future will live in? How does your magick reflect this more just world? Here, you will design a short but concise “In My Skin” vision statement to guide you forward on your path toward a living Craft.


astrology charting the house pf twigs thot online witch school course class

know thyself 

Astrology is an ancient art. Each living thing is possessed of a unique astrological portrait based on the time and place in which it was born. Upon taking their first breath, all creatures are imprinted with the force of their natal astrology, which they carry with them for the rest of their lives, like cosmic embroidery hovering over our shoulders.

Your natal chart is a map of the heavens at the time of your birth. Engaging the natal chart is both an exercise in self-knowledge as well as a practice of esoteric study. Placing the human within the context of the cosmos connects us to the larger picture; finding the cosmos within the human guides us to higher connection to the self, to others, and to nature, the origin of all life. 

Within us sparkles the light of possibility. Our natal astrology predisposes us to certain behaviors, preferences, ways of seeing. Our hates, loves, gifts, and shadows, are all expressed in the natal chart. 

This course establishes the basics of natal chart interpretation. Like learning a language, students of astrology must establish basic rules and grammars, and connect with foundational astrological principles before they dig in to their own chart. I provide the building blocks of this study, guiding students into the natal chart, breaking down the weight of the planets, the archetypal power of the signs, and the import of astrological houses and aspects. 

Encouraging students to form a fluid relationship to their own astrology, this course culminates in an exercise of ekphrastic writing, where students create a poetic depiction of their chart. 

The study of any occult art form is a lifelong engagement. With this course, I set curious seekers on the proper path to having a solid, thorough foundation from which to build their astrological perception. 

All students will receive a 10% discount on any readings from Eighth House Astrology, Christina’s Natal Chart Reading service.

This course comes with Astrological Lexicon: A Reference Guide of Vocabulary for Astrological Interpretation, a guidebook that contains all important information, as well as a writing exercise.

Students will have the option to purchase Personal Planets:  A Guide to the Inner Planets and Your Inner Psyche, which contains descriptions of all personal planet placements. This provides explanations of the signs in each of the personal planets, a key component to building a relationship to your own chart.

Office Hours will be held weekly so that students can connect with the instructor with any questions or for further support.

COMING SOON: Luciferian Witchcraft

Luciferian left handed path course online class withcraft the house of twigs school thot

“At the core of Luciferianism is Self; the main pillars are self-preservation, rebellion against the status quo and the main goal of true enlightenment–a mentality, a mind frame beyond, and free of all human limitations. Luciferianism is not Devil worship, it is not evil and it is not a Philosophy to be feared. Last time I checked there were no crusades or genocides committed in the name of Lucifer.”—Jaclyn Cherie

Enrollment TBA

Luciferian Witchcraft is a beginner and intermediate Course combined into one! This Course is perfect for anyone who wants to (or does!) practice Traditional Witchcraft and live by the pillars of Lucferianism.

This is my version of Lucferianism, a practice I have molded and formed for over 10 years now; I have been a practicing Witch for 20.

The Philosophy  itself is considered ‘New Age’ to some, it’s anything but in my opinion; the veneration of Lightbringers has existed since the beginning of time.

This Course is as much focused on the Left Hand Path and aspects of Demonolatry and Chaos Magick as it is focused on Traditional Witchcraft; I incorporate aspects of Hoodoo, Candle Magick and Rootwork into my practice as well (to name a few).

As a Spiritualist at heart, the mystical aspects of this path, and life in general, are very important to me; I do not worship, though, and do not expect my students to, either.

At the end of the day, I believe that we are our own Gods. This is not to say the Gods as Deities and/or Archetypes don’t serve their purpose in our lives.

My intentions are that this Course will give you the courage and confidence to ignite the Black Flame within by providing you with exercises to help you connect and work with Infernal Energy.

I provide the tools you need to be comfortable working with lower vibrational energy, and entities for manifestation, healing, personal protection, insight (divination), and empowerment.

As with my Shadow Work Course, this Course requires you to be an active participant in your own experience; this Course requires you to rely on yourself.

I will be covering a wide range of topics, and some that may even be considered taboo; this is a hefty Course, rich with information. This is a Course that is more so about supplying you with knowledge than anything else. 

Be prepared for a lot of reading, thinking, reading some more, and then putting it all into practice.

May the light of the Black Flame guide your way.

In Nomine Luciferi!

In Nomine Draconis!


-Full access to the Luciferian Witchcraft Course

-Rituals and Methods for Protection, Grounding, Banishing, Evocation and Baneful Magick

-An overview of Deities, Archetypes and Spirits of Luciferian Witchcraft

-An overview of Ancestral Magick, the LHP and how it relates to Luciferian Witchcraft

-Application of Serpentine Gnosis

-Personal Recipes and Spells

-Exercises, assignments, tips and/or practical advice with each lesson

-Direct access to Instructor via e-mail for support, counsel, and questions

COMING SOON The Tarot Study Course

pagan otherworlds tarot school the house of twigs course class online
This course is not yet available for purchase and will become available soon!

Do you struggle with knowing the meanings of your tarot cards?

Want to learn more about the symbolism and ways to connect with each card?

This is a tarot study course for those wanting to learn more about the meanings of their tarot cards, and can be for any level reader. This goes boyond the use of your own tarot book that comes with your deck. We ask youto participate a bit differently than just normal readings so you can commit it to your long term memory.

Use this as an interactive tool to learn the meanings of your cards instead of or in tandem with reading through the book on your own. We will use the Rider-Waite symbology but will not be using their meanings. Anyone that knows me, understand that I feel like this is an “old white-dude energy deck”.

**You may also divide all of your decks you own into their suits and compare each one for identifying the differences amongst them. This is a great way to learn across many systems of tarot.

We will also walk through each card and connect the meaning with the symbolism. We will reference traditional symbolism that can be applied or seen in most tarot decks.

*Tarot shown is Pagan Otherworlds Tarot, a variation of the Rider- Waite style without all the angsty old white dude energy. Throughout the course we will reference many decks and examples of readings, deck combinations and spreads. We are not endorsing or negating the use of any tarot decks out there, these are just my personal decks and ones that I use in professional readings or have enjoyed using. No money is made by showing images of these decks, its just because I like them myself.

COMING SOON: Intermediate Intuitive Tarot: Owning Your Tarot Practice

the house of twig intermediate tarot thot school online class
This course is not yet available for purchase and will become available soon!

Tarot can be beyond the box of what are expectations are for it. We can define our own style and empower our lives and our selves through tarot work.

This course is the intermediate Intuitive tarot course. It will include some homework, practices and *extra credit.

In this online course you will learn:

  • More advanced spreads.
  • the house of twigs thot tarot classReversals
  • Quizes
  • Defining your unique tarot style and breaking the rules
  • Creating your own spread
  • Combining decks

Estimated 6 week course, with homework assignments and delayed content release.

*Tarot shown is of the Wooden Tarot which has its own modified imagery in the Rider-Waite style. Throughout the course we will reference many decks and examples of readings, deck combinations and spreads. We are not endorsing or negating the use of any tarot decks out there, these are just my personal decks and ones that I use in professional readings or have enjoyed using. No money is made by showing images of these decks, its just because I like them myself.

Medieval Magic and Witchcraft

medieval magick witchcraft tom hatsis the house of twigs school of ritual

Hello and welcome to Medieval Magic and Witchcraft!

During medieval times magic and witchcraft lurked down the streets of every city, town, and small village across Western Europe.

But what did it look like? Who practiced it?

We begin our study  in the ancient Mediterranean world, discovering the kinds of magic and witchcraft practiced by those who understood occult knowledge.  Here, distinctions will be made between what was acceptable “religion” and what was considered subversive “magic” in the ancient world.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, magical texts were preserved by Islamic forces that had pushed westward into Egypt and Spain.  They added new ideas to classical Western magical traditions, most notably seen in the rise of ceremonial magic in the medieval university.

The spread of magical texts so prominent in the medieval world would come under fire during the Renaissance Era. It is at this time, as well, that we see the rise of the European “witch craze.”

I think it’s important to know where our traditions come from! I look forward to sharing and learning with you all!

Lessons in Magick: Shadow Work 101

the house of twigs nephillim rising shadow work left handed

“How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also If I am to be whole” -C.G Jung

Lessons in Magick: Shadow Work 101 was created to not only teach you how to work with, and incorporate your Shadow into your everyday life, and Magick, it’s designed to help you understand your Shadow and why it exists in the first place.

I will help guide you as you dive deep into your psyche and find the root of your pain, trauma, and any blockages that may be standing in your way.

We discuss what Shadow Work is, how our Shadow came to be, and how to heal any wounds it created; as well as empowering you to accept and embrace your Shadow.

Our Shadow Self if ignored can manifest in some intense, and brutal ways; the more you know about the dusty parts of your Soul, the better you will be navigating through them when life, and Magick, get tough.

We will cover a variety of topics that will help you reclaim your power through intense Shadow Work, ritual, meditation and/or candle Magick.

shadow work the house of twigs thot witch school

This is a 5-week course*, and each week we will uncover another aspect of our Shadow Self, and how we can incorporate that Shadow into our daily life.

With each lesson I hope to give you another tool for understanding your Shadow, while also giving you the courage to face it; you are expected to put each lesson into practice then record your findings; think of yourself as a Scientist observing your life.

This is not a course for any armchair Occultists or Witches.

You are required to be an active, present and willing participant in your own experience. This is a no hand holding zone; Shadow work simply doesn’t leave room for coddling.

I will support you through each step of this process, and be right by your side but you must put in the work.

The end goal is that all my students become empowered, more balanced individuals and practitioners who aren’t afraid of themselves or their innate darkness.


-Full access to the Shadow Work 101 five week course

-Shadow Work Ritual

-Exercises and/or assignments, tips, and practical advice with each lesson

-Direct access to Instructor via e-mail for support, counsel, and questions

*Please note: This course was created to be taken and experienced over a 5-week time frame; there are 5 lessons that have assignments, tips, tricks, advice and even a ritual thrown in to help integrate your Shadow. You will be given access to the entire course upon enrollment; this allows you to work at your own pace. If you choose to go faster, you may. If you choose to work on multiple lessons, you may. This Course is all about YOU, honoring YOU and what works best for YOU.

You are MAGIC: The Course

winter source clark the house of twigs thot magic course

You are MAGIC is designed to help you create the life you want by amping up your vibrational field using earth wisdom, esoteric knowledge and your connection to Source energy.  We’re going to magnify our power of manifesting so that our desires come into form within weeks instead of months!

Manifesting can be an involved process but it doesn’t have to feel like one!  When we use our intuition to work in various levels of energy and incorporate them into a daily practice, we change our vibration to align with our desire.  The more we take care of ourselves and approach everyday life with love and curiosity in our heart, the higher our vibration becomes. The higher our vibration becomes, the easier it is to bring in what we want.

It’s a 5 week journey with an experience to try each week.  The course also has ongoing enrollment; this means you can begin the course when you want and take it at your own pace!  I’m available for support throughout the course, so if you have any questions feel free to email me at

Check out the video for more details:

Beginners Intuitive Tarot – For Personal Transformation and Divining

tarot the house of twigs online course school thot

Tarot is one of these amazing tools that you can use to delve deeper into yourself, shadow-self and the path you walk.

This course is the beginners Intuitive tarot course. It will include some homework, practices and *extra credit.

In this online course you will learn:

  • Basic historical context of the tarot (This lesson is also available as a free sample section.)
  • Connecting with energy, including yours and others.
  • How to recognize your personal intuitive triggers and identifying when you are on or off with your reading.
  • Ethics of reading tarot and using it for personal transformation.
  • We do not go over memorization of the cards!. *This is the longest and hardest aspect of learning tarot, so be patient with yourself and understand this comes with practice and time.
  • Basic spreadsdivination online course the house of twigs thot
  • More advanced spreads
  • Assignments

Estimated 3-5 week course, with assignments and content you can go through at your own pace. Each week new lessons become available until the course is complete.

*Tarot shown is of the Blind Person Tarot which has its own modified imagery in the Rider-Waite style. Throughout the course we will reference many decks and examples of readings, deck combinations and spreads. We are not endorsing or negating the use of any tarot decks out there, these are just my personal decks and ones that I use in professional readings or have enjoyed using. No money is made by showing images of these decks, it’s just because I like them myself.

COMING SOON: Waking the Feminine with Cyclic Alchemy


This course is a three-part journey into the realm of cycles and feminine magic.

Together we will examine the changing faces of the moon, the shifting seasons, and we will discover how that relates our personal cycles, feminine energy, and to the way we live our lives.

Learning to live in alignment with the moon, the seasons, and your personal cycles will help you fuel your body and soul to make magic and achieve your dreams.

The first part of this course focuses on the Moon and how her cycle relates to the Divine Feminine. During the second section, we will take what we learned about the Moon’s cycles and use that framework to understand the seasons, and how we can leverage their energies in our favor. And in the final phase of the course, we will look at how the cosmic shifts and the annual transition through the seasons, affect our personal cycles.

Purpose of the Course:

The goal of this course is to provide a foundation for those individuals who are looking to cultivate a deep and meaningful relationship with the cyclic nature of the Divine Feminine. Each student will develop skills and tools that will allow them to mold and transform their lives in alignment with the moon and the seasons, as well as helping them become the master of their own personal cycle.

What’s Included in the Course Tuition?

  • Access to the three-part Cyclic Living Course on The House of Twigs Learning Site
  • On-going email support from the instructor
  • Personal Reflections, Journal Prompts, and Activites to ground you in your practice.
  • The Cyclic Living Mini Guide created by the instructor, in PDF form.
  • Lifetime access to the Cyclic Moon Witch Facebook group for continual sisterhood and support on your journey.