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It’s time we did another class, and this time we will be making a Turkey Tail style Hand Wisk or a Hawk Tail. These are functional brooms for the home and magickal workings. We will go over some of the magickal ways to use a broom, and then we will make one, from the comfort of your own home (it is a live digital workshop that was pre-recorded so we can keep offering it all over the world in your own time zone and at your own pace.)

This is for the workshop recording of the class and does not include any materials. You may source the materials yourself, or purchase a kit from us online at Queen Meb. It will take you to our retail store for better shipping, pricing and maintaining. The online course will be taken via this web address.

If you want to source your own materials, you will need the following to complete the course. If you would like to purchase the broomcorn and nylon cord from us, it can be found here at Queen Meb.

1) Broomcorn  (Natural or dyed) 14 oz -16 oz
2) Black nylon cord (possible non-tarred cord in various colors). #9-#12 works well, which ends up being 1.5-2mm in thickness.
3) An empty 5 gallon bucket of water or an empty bathtub somewhat nearby.
4) A wooden dowel, or an extra thick cardboard tube. 3/4”-2” max is best.
5) Sharp scissors or a very sharp knife (I use a sharp cleaver style knife and scissors)
6) Matches or a lighter
7) Precision superglue (optional)

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