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(Subtitles in English, French, German, and Spanish are being processed, and will be available when announced here.)

This is our second style of Grimoire making we are offering by popular request. With over 2.5 hours of step-by-step instructional video, this is one of the best ways to create your own Grimoire from the comfort of your own home. This class takes about 4-5 hours to complete with 24-48 hrs dry time in between glueing and such. With artwork or decorations, this can take much longer.

We are talking real bookmaking, with a witchy twist, but this time it will be a usable book that is intended to last for a century or more.

Custom make your own and choose from different materials available. You will learn how to stitch your paper, cut, and glue up your book. This will be a dry bind so you can un-stich it when you are finished and re-use the precious leather again. 

If you purchase a kit separately from Queen Meb, choose from linen (vegan), cowskin, or goatskin. We have them all in black, and sometimes other options as well as colored linen thread.

Design your own embossed, or customize these grimoires to match your own personal style and practice. We offer ideas on how to do this along your grimoire making experience.

Ticket costs are:

  • $50 Online class w/ NO MATERIALS (kit can be purchased separately through Queen Meb or you can use your own.)
  • Linen (Vegan) $100 for the class and kit (Purchase through queenmeb.com)
  • Leather $110 for the class and kit (Purchase through queenmb.com)
  • Goatskin $120 for the class and kit (Purchase through queenmeb.com)

Keep in mind we must purchase these materials for the class and delays may occur due to suppliers. Retail value of our Grimiores start at $50-$140 each, so this is an excellent deal to both make your own, and re-use it for your magickal workings. This Grimoire is specially designed to be used again and again, as to make the smallest impact on the earth.

After purchase of a kit, you can access your online course through this link after you have been manually added or it will be accessible in your Course Section on The House of Twigs if you already have an account. 

NO refunds on online courses.

Course materials and a kit can be purchased online via @Queen Meb , or a kit alone at https://queenmeb.com/products/solstice-hard-bound-grimoire-making-workshop-2-day-event

The online course access runs for $40 with no kit, and a kit ranges from $50 for linen (vegan), $60 for leather,  and $70 for goatskin. (This covers a 9.5" x 6.75" 120 pg hard cover, coptic bound grimoire)

We do our best to provide you with most of the materials you will need to make your book which includes leather, archival quality wet/dry cotton rag paper, linen book thread, and stitching needle. There are a few items you will need to complete this grimoire after buying a kit, before adding any of your personalization or artwork. 

  1. Awl, handpunch, or a clean medium sized nail and hammer 
  2. (Optional) A small craft paint brush, approx 1/8" - 1/4" round diameter 
  3. (Optional) Acrylic paint for the cover
  4. (Optional) Your own line-art artwok
  5. (Optional) Specialty decorative book paper for inside cover
  6. A larger craft paint brush, approx 3/4" - 1" width
  7. A bone folder (if you don't know what it is, don't worry), or a DIY version with a credit cart and a soft edged spoon.
  8. A ruler that goes town to at least 1/16 of an inch, or millimeters.
  9. A small point mechanical pencil or very sharp #2 pencil with an erasure.
  10. (Optional) Magickal ink for page inscriptions
  11. (Optional) Special leathers or book threads not provided in kit.
  12. (Optional) Elmers glue, hot glue, or an exacto knife for embossing your own artwork 


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