The House of Twigs: School of Ritual

Is one of those magical places you just haven’t been able to find. It collectively brings practitioners, teachers, artisans and member of various paths together to provide real classes and information; ranging from spiritual to the occult. We don’t pretend to have prosperity spells that will get you rich quick. We don’t teach just one viewpoint. Here we find that building a community makes us that much stronger and its the differences in all of us that adds to our depth. We are not here to spew to each individual with simplistic ‘splaining’,  but instead to empower them to understand and embrace the steps on their path of awakening.

Browse some of our current course offering and pick-and-choose what courses you want. Mix and match them at your own pace and see what you are signing up for before you buy. Our Live Courses are highlighted below or follow the link to all of our courses to take at your own pace.

“How do we know what is right? Amidst the plethora of books, online courses, weekend workshops, and other offerings we devour in order to find our way and hone our Craft, how do we come to know what is truly for us? The short answer is this: We feel it. We feel it in the body. Our bones, our tissues, and our energetic field will never lie to us. There are some rituals, spells, and ceremonies that resonate within our blood, that feel like we are coming home after having been wandering for many years, and there are those that seem distant, potentially appealing in that they are exotic or intriguing but still and most certainly not ours.” – Embodied Witchcraft: Sensual Expression and Soulful Authenticity in Magick by Danielle Dulsky

“Many of us are aware of the energy generated by people and activities that take place in a space.  For those who are unfamiliar with this idea, you can think of it as the feeling or sensation you get in the pit of your stomach when you walk into a room or meet someone for the first time.  When we travel or when we’re working, we don’t always have control over the environment but we do have control over how our surroundings affect us, by creating personalized sacred space with loving boundaries.” – You are MAGIC: The Course by Winter Clark

Have questions? Here are some frequently asked FAQ’s about the school.

What is the purpose of this school?

There are many paths and many teachers. We are looking to provide an online community for everyone to learn with instructors they do not have access to in their physical community. It is also a great way to collect information in an easy to find, single location by talented instructors, without each individual bearing the costs and tech issues from an online school. Instead of using a subscription, this platform allows you to experiment with lots of different paths and interests.

Is this school just for witches?

Absolutely not. We have many paths that we are giving a voice to on this School of Ritual, and we would love to hear if you or someone else would like to be considered as an instructor.

How long does a course take?

Each course has a general  estimated length listed on the course but can be completed at your own pace, unless otherwise noted in the course description.

How much is a course?

Each instructor sets their price for their courses. We take a percentage to host the online school and maintain The House of Twigs, a free site of witchy writings, reviews and rituals.

Why does a course cost and is not free?

For some reason there is a concept that healing or spiritual work should not cost anything. We all need to eat and pay our rent. Our instructors have walked their path, in some instances, their whole life. They have worked very hard to do their own work and make this information available to you at an affordable cost. We also want them to own their own information and them to be able to make a decent percentage on each course sold.  Keep in mind this is not a living wage, but a labor of love and hard work. Your purchase of a course goes directly to support their work.

I enrolled in a course. Where do I find it?

You can resume any course where you left  off on that individual course page. This feature is best when you have enrolled in multiple courses.

You may also follow the shortlink to your most recent course and location in the menu under Recent Course.

You will need to log-in to access these features.

The courses are great, but the one I want to take is not here!

We are always open to new instructors and course ideas. If you have any suggestions or want to be an instructor we would love to hear from you.

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“Card reading as divination is instead the most likely outcome based on the current trajectory. It should resonate with the person being read and many of the aspects will relate to what they already know about the situation. Many of the longer term readings are for projection, like a year review. It’s totally fine to do them, but often the trajectory will change and that reading won’t hold up for the long-term. One way to use this type of reading is to use it to check if you are on a productive path, of your choosing.” – Beginners Intuitive Tarot – For Personal Transformation and Divining by Erika Fortner

“We live in a world where individual sovereignty is a foreign concept, and people refuse to own their actions but deeper than that, they refuse to own themselves; their thoughts, their desires,  their dreams, all the way down to their negative aspects, which is how the Collective Shadow came to be–too many people repressing, suppressing and oppressing their Shadows.

Most people are so caught up trying to please everyone else that they simply forget about themselves.” – Lessons in Magick: Shadow Work 101 by Jaclyn Cherie