COMING SOON: Crystals, Power, and Programming: Working with Crystal as an Energy Worker

Crystals Power and Programming energy work Reiki Witch
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Come learn about crystals, their properties and how to work with them to awaken your inner witch. I find this to be one of the most natural ways to connect with energies in crystals without having to rely on anyone else.

I this course I suggest what my personal best methods for cleansing each crystal despite many believing the moon or the sun will recharge a crystal. Most of the time these are not the right method. Crystals grow very slowly, deep within the ground!

This class comes with details on different crystals (over 70+ different crystals that I also carry in my store and work with personally), and a discussion of working as an energy worker with their metaphysical properties. We will go over cleaning, charging, and breaking the “wive’s tales” of working with crystals, as well as having a small ritual and meditation of initiation. I am a master level Reiki practitioner as well as work in other healing modalities.

**You do not need to be a reiki practitioner to learn or use energy in this class.

**A suggested collection of my favorite crystal reference books is also included at the end, but not required to take this course.

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