Devious Divinations: Scrying with Crystal Balls and Mirrors – Pre-Recorded Live Event

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(Now offered as a sliding scale course)

Learn how to scry using the grey space of trance. During the waning light of day, we delve into this old practice while the veil is thin.

This is an online/live zoom event through @thehouseoftwigs that was recorded pre-pandemic.Be prepared to scry and learn some ways of navigating this interesting form or divination.

Some topics discussed are:

What is scrying?

What tools can be used for scrying?

How do I work with deities or protect myself during scrying?

What herbs, resins, and crystals can increase my scrying ability?

How much do I need to practice?

  • All people (gender, race, sexual orientation…) are welcome here but this class isn’t a great event for kids unless they are taking the course and the parent has given approval. 

About your instructor:

Erika Fortner, founder and Head Mistress of The House of Twigs, has been a Tarot reader, Witch, medium and Psychic for 28 + years. She is also the Head Mistress and Curator of THoT: The School of Ritual, Keven Craft Rituals, and the newest addition q. Meb (Queen Meb).

She is an Artist with a BFA from Pratt Institute and has an extensive fine Art background in NYC with one of the top Artists in the world working with museums such as the MOMA and Guggenheim as well as living in Berlin, Germany and Venice, Italy.

She is an eclectic energy worker (Reiki master as well as other healing modalities) Shamanic/folklore Witch; and considers herself an eclectic-solitary witch with interests in ancestral work, hedge-riding, herbalism,  tarot, and listening to the ether through spirit work. Her inspiration comes from many ancestral connections, including the UK, Jewish, German, French, Italian, Spanish and even a hint of West African. She has found roots tying to the Powhatan and Lenape, and Cherokee tribes, as well as Norway and Sweden. This eclectic, never ending discovery of self and connection is always bringing new energies and workings into her store and practice.

She has worked for the Psychic Friends network while in Brooklyn before deciding the ethos of the company didn’t align with her practice.

She now has her roots planted in Portland, Oregon with her partner and daughter.

You need something to scry with. It is preferable to use an obsidian mirror / disc or ball, but one can also use a black dish with water in it, or another dark mirrored surface.

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