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(Now offered as a sliding scale course)

Reading Tarot Course: Live Adaptation
If you have ever wanted to learn tarot or have been studying and haven’t quite gotten comfortable with your readings, than this course might be for you.

The Intuitive Course and why it’s different-
We do things a little different than most of the other tarot classes out there and focus on the reading aspect of tarot before memorization. Your instructor, proprietress of Q. Meb has been reading for 27+ years and works with up to 10 decks at once, varying in style and personality. She worked for the psychic friends network and has had over 200 tarot students. She also is the head mistress of the House of Twigs: School of Ritual where her online tarot courses are also available.

To take this course you must own a tarot deck and a small book with meanings. *Please do not use a Rider-Waite book as this is “old white dude energy” we want to avoid. Any style of deck is acceptable as long as it has major arcana, and minor arcana. It is ok to use a Rider-Waite tarot deck but please avoid the tradition RW book.
We have a few decks available to test if you would like to expand experience. Decks are also available for purchase and we carry mostly independent published decks with a small selection of creative, main-stream decks.

This is a 4 part series that was recorded live, and cost $75. This is a discounted price because it has been pre-recorded. Live events costs more because they take up more time from each instructor.

Normally this class will be a 2 hr event, with practiced readings throughout the class. To navigate this as a live event, we shorten the lecture series to 1 hr+ each evening and then one on one time with the instructor, with some homework and Q & A ability.

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