COMING SOON: The Craft: and the Sins of the Witch

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The Craft is something based both in practice, lore, and tradition. Behind all of these things lies the entirety of you as the practitioner and how you walk your path. No matter the tradition of witchcraft you practice, the way that you practice it counts.

One of the issues we can all face is confidence. Allowing the internal “nay saying voice” to speak up and determine how we fully choose to do something can really prevent our practice as an empowered witch. You do not have to be a witch to embody this practice, however you may find yourself more open to your own energy and to be on the path of the witch after confronting all of these issues.

Trending conversations about the witchwound, or hereditary witchcraft only come up in a means to control and manipulate the masses but from opposite spectrums. In fact, this isn’t about being a witch as much as it is being confident so when you are practicing magick, you choose to show up with your energetic potential.

Dislaimer: I am not a doctor, or qualified therapist. This information is to be used in tandem with proper psychological and medical care when necessary. It is not meant to replace or deny any medical treatment or practice.

Instead, use this course to delve deeper into what these words mean and how they show up in your life.

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