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Do you struggle with knowing the meanings of your tarot cards?

Want to learn more about the symbolism and ways to connect with each card?

This is a tarot study course for those wanting to learn more about the meanings of their tarot cards, and can be for any level reader. This goes boyond the use of your own tarot book that comes with your deck. We ask youto participate a bit differently than just normal readings so you can commit it to your long term memory.

Use this as an interactive tool to learn the meanings of your cards instead of or in tandem with reading through the book on your own. We will use the Rider-Waite symbology but will not be using their meanings. Anyone that knows me, understand that I feel like this is an “old white-dude energy deck”.

**You may also divide all of your decks you own into their suits and compare each one for identifying the differences amongst them. This is a great way to learn across many systems of tarot.

We will also walk through each card and connect the meaning with the symbolism. We will reference traditional symbolism that can be applied or seen in most tarot decks.

*Tarot shown is Pagan Otherworlds Tarot, a variation of the Rider- Waite style without all the angsty old white dude energy. Throughout the course we will reference many decks and examples of readings, deck combinations and spreads. We are not endorsing or negating the use of any tarot decks out there, these are just my personal decks and ones that I use in professional readings or have enjoyed using. No money is made by showing images of these decks, its just because I like them myself.

You must own your own tarot deck, and although styles of tarot differ this course is adaptable to the majority of deck styles and meanings.