Mastering The Natal Chart – The Hermes-Thoth Guide To Stellar Interpretation

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Astrology is an ancient art. Each living thing is possessed of a unique astrological portrait based on the time and place in which it was born. Upon taking their first breath, all creatures are imprinted with the force of their natal astrology, which they carry with them for the rest of their lives, like cosmic embroidery hovering over our shoulders.

Your natal chart is a map of the heavens at the time of your birth. Engaging the natal chart is both an exercise in self-knowledge as well as a practice of esoteric study. Placing the human within the context of the cosmos connects us to the larger picture; finding the cosmos within the human guides us to higher connection to the self, to others, and to nature, the origin of all life. 

Within us sparkles the light of possibility. Our natal astrology predisposes us to certain behaviors, preferences, ways of seeing. Our hates, loves, gifts, and shadows, are all expressed in the natal chart. 

This course establishes the basics of natal chart interpretation. Like learning a language, students of astrology must establish basic rules and grammars, and connect with foundational astrological principles before they dig in to their own chart. I provide the building blocks of this study, guiding students into the natal chart, breaking down the weight of the planets, the archetypal power of the signs, and the import of astrological houses and aspects. 

Encouraging students to form a fluid relationship to their own astrology, this course culminates in an exercise of ekphrastic writing, where students create a poetic depiction of their chart. 

The study of any occult art form is a lifelong engagement. With this course, I set curious seekers on the proper path to having a solid, thorough foundation from which to build their astrological perception. 

All students will receive a 10% discount on any readings from Eighth House Astrology, Christina’s Natal Chart Reading service.

This course comes with Astrological Lexicon: A Reference Guide of Vocabulary for Astrological Interpretation, a guidebook that contains all important information, as well as a writing exercise.

Students will have the option to purchase Personal Planets:  A Guide to the Inner Planets and Your Inner Psyche, which contains descriptions of all personal planet placements. This provides explanations of the signs in each of the personal planets, a key component to building a relationship to your own chart.

Office Hours will be held weekly so that students can connect with the instructor with any questions or for further support.

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Tabitha Paul
Posted 2 years ago
A beautiful beginners guide!

First off, I just want to say what a lovely and thoughtful person Cristina is. I absolutely loved taking this class and I look forward to taking more in the future. I found that it touched very nicely and thoroughly on the basics of reading a natal chart. I would definitely recommend this class!

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Posted 2 years ago
So many new ways to delve into my chart.

I'm fairly new to understanding my chart, but Christina really breaks down ways you can start to understand your chart. I see this being a longer process than just finishing the class, but it gave me the tools to start spending time understanding it as a whole and also smaller sections.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!