COMING SOON: Introduction to Astrology Part 1: Divine Rulers of The Natal Chart


The goal of this course is to introduce seekers to the art of astrology. Seekers will learn about the planetary rulers, using this as a starting point for comprehending the unique components of their own natal charts. This strategy provides focus to an art form that is often daunting in its complexity. I aim to provide a straightforward mythological narrative that will enable seekers to interpret their personal astrology.

We all contain traces of each Olympian god via our astrology. Based on your unique astrological makeup and the relationships the planets make to one another, certain planets, or deities, have more of an impact than others. Taken in combination with an understanding of each of the signs and the astrological houses, we can build an intricate portrait of an individual, and their various blessings and struggles.

Studying the astrology of your birth chart can help you realize your gifts by focusing on the planets that give you strength and vitality. It can also give language to your flaws, and teach you how to work with them.

In this first part of my astrological course offering, I will provide tools to understand the basics of your natal chart, with detailed information on each of the personal placements, those being the Ascendant through Mars, in the natal chart.


In this first installment of the Introduction to Astrology, seekers will learn:

— The Planets and their Associated Divinities

— The Signs and their Planetary Rulers

— How the Planets Act in the Houses of the Natal Chart

All students will have email access to the instructor for any questions and for support throughout the course.

All students will receive a 10% discount on any readings from Eighth House Astrology, Christina’s Natal Chart Reading service.