COMING SOON: Intermediate Intuitive Tarot: Owning Your Tarot Practice

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Tarot can be beyond the box of what are expectations are for it. We can define our own style and empower our lives and our selves through tarot work. If you have already taken my Beginner’s Intuitive Tarot Course, and the Memorization Courses, you know that my method of learning tarot or redefining a basic spread goes beyond what you read in the books. 

This course is the intermediate Intuitive tarot course. It will include some homework, practices and *extra credit.

In this online course you will learn:

  • More advanced spreads.
  • the house of twigs thot tarot classReversals
  • Quizes
  • Defining your unique tarot style and breaking the rules
  • Creating your own spread
  • Learning to combine decks into the ultimate way to read tarot with Erika’s unique system of reading . It uses intuitive and psychic keys from your own body (harnessed from the Beginners Intuitive Tarot Course), recognizing key symbolism (from the Tarot Memorization Course), and layering cards in a fluid way to reverse engineer each question at each spread location.

Estimated 6 week course, with homework assignments and delayed content release.

*Tarot shown is of the Wooden Tarot which has its own modified imagery in the Rider-Waite style. Throughout the course we will reference many decks and examples of readings, deck combinations and spreads. We are not endorsing or negating the use of any tarot decks out there, these are just my personal decks and ones that I use in professional readings or have enjoyed using. No money is made by showing images of these decks, its just because I like them myself.

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