Embodied Witchcraft: Sensual Expression and Soulful Authenticity in Magick

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The Witch’s body is the medium between her personal sovereignty and the cosmic energies integral to her Craft. Her magick is the lived conversation she has with the world about her deepest values, strongest convictions, high-fire desires, unhealed woundings, and non-negotiable boundaries, with all these soul-specific traits churning and writhing under her very skin. To embody the Craft is every Witch’s birthright. Through embodiment, we remedy the body-spirit separation that has plagued many human spiritual systems and robbed us of our sensual holiness. In the reclaiming of sensual expression and bodily autonomy within spellwork and ritual, the Witch honors the Earth, the elements, and her dual rights to feel and hand-shape her world.

This five-lesson, eight week course is self-paced, with the curriculum offering opportunities for embodiment practices to be integrated into an existing practice of the Craft or as a stand-alone introduction to living cyclically, ritual, and spell-craft. Each lesson is structured in the following format:

• New Moon Rising
This is the description of new content, introductory questions and points for consideration, and opportunities for initial exploration.
• Full Moon Transmutation
This is the recommended ritual, spellcraft, and/or creative work. Here, you, as the student, develop your own living practice of the content offered.
• Dark Moon Setting
In the final stage of every lesson, the student is offered multiple opportunities for meaningful integration of the content into her own practice; these include journaling, pathworking, and daily ritual.

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Lesson 1: The Witch’s Body
This introductory lesson describes the spiral dance of time, the way the seasons are lived within the body, and the interconnectivity between the aspects of the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone) and the Wheel of the Year.

Lesson 2: Cauldrons ‘Neath the Skin
In lesson two, we work with the energetic cauldrons of the body, dialoguing with these power-centers and framing them as integral aspects of soul where our ancestral inheritance is contained and made available to us.

Lesson 3: Body-Prayer in Spell-Craft
The third lesson highlights multiple forms of practical, embodied magick for banishing, protection, healing, and manifestation. This is a lesson in movement alchemy and living, breathing ritual.

Lesson 4: Toward a More Soulful Ritual
In lesson four, we work with the concept of “soul,” or that which is most unique about this incarnation you find yourself in. You will develop your own 21-day embodied ritual practice, and you will become a living expression of your magick. We work with all six senses in this lesson, and recipes for smoke-baths, ritual sippers, and other multi-sensory ingredients are offered in addition to visualizations and early psychic development practices.

Lesson 5: These Bone-Deep Tattoos
The final lesson asks you to explore and connect your deepest values to your Craft. What kind of world do you hope the children of the future will live in? How does your magick reflect this more just world? Here, you will design a short but concise “In My Skin” vision statement to guide you forward on your path toward a living Craft.

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