COMING SOON: Waking the Feminine with Cyclic Alchemy

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This course is a three-part journey into the realm of cycles and feminine magic.

Together we will examine the changing faces of the moon, the shifting seasons, and we will discover how that relates our personal cycles, feminine energy, and to the way we live our lives.

Learning to live in alignment with the moon, the seasons, and your personal cycles will help you fuel your body and soul to make magic and achieve your dreams.

The first part of this course focuses on the Moon and how her cycle relates to the Divine Feminine. During the second section, we will take what we learned about the Moon’s cycles and use that framework to understand the seasons, and how we can leverage their energies in our favor. And in the final phase of the course, we will look at how the cosmic shifts and the annual transition through the seasons, affect our personal cycles.

Purpose of the Course:

The goal of this course is to provide a foundation for those individuals who are looking to cultivate a deep and meaningful relationship with the cyclic nature of the Divine Feminine. Each student will develop skills and tools that will allow them to mold and transform their lives in alignment with the moon and the seasons, as well as helping them become the master of their own personal cycle.

What’s Included in the Course Tuition?

  • Access to the three-part Cyclic Living Course on The House of Twigs Learning Site
  • On-going email support from the instructor
  • Personal Reflections, Journal Prompts, and Activites to ground you in your practice.
  • The Cyclic Living Mini Guide created by the instructor, in PDF form.
  • Lifetime access to the Cyclic Moon Witch Facebook group for continual sisterhood and support on your journey.