COMING SOON: Hedgewitchery, Brews, & Potions

the house of twigs school of ritual
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This course is a look into the connections of folklore ( the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed through the generations by word of mouth) herbalism and magickal herbalism and how to incorporate that knowledge into making your own potions.

An insight into the class can be found here on The House of Twigs.

As a maker for most of my life, I have learned about working with plants and ingredients intuitively, working in the high-end cabinetry and finishing world, attending one of the most prestigious art schools, working with one of the top artists in the world where I had a chance to work with some of the top reputable art conservators around, and then moving onto having my own skincare and magickal brand, Keven Craft Rituals.

This class is a blend of combined knowledge, and basic recipes that you can then intuitively make your own. It gives you a basis for how to use magickal herbalism in simple things like cooking and skincare and then permission to move outside of a common recipe that doesn’t resonate with its purpose or intention.

Access to herbs in your local area, alcohol, vegetable based oil, mason jars (or large glass containers), and dropper bottles if you will be making any extracts or essences.