The Poison Path

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Intro/Part one:

·         Introduction: What is the Poison Path?

o   Saturnian herbs, poison plant allies, entheogens, ethnobotanicals

·         Objectives

·         Disclaimer

·         Phytognosis and plant spirit medicine

Section Two: Phytochemistry:

·         Phytochemistry

·         Active constituents

·         Alkaloids

·         Chemical processes

Section Three: Plant Profiles:

·         Detailed descriptions of important ethnobotanicals, entheogenic herbs and poisonous plants

Section Four: Formulation:

·         How to use these plants safely in formulas for use in ritual.

·         Display a familiarity with medieval flying ointment recipes, as well as the many influences that have created the witch’s flying ointment that we know today.

·         Example recipes

Section Five: Ritual Use:

·         Connecting with plant spirits

·         Understand the components of an entheogenic ritual and the reasons for enacting one

·         Create your own rituals using poisonous plants and ritual entheogens for spell work and personal growth.

·         Preparing the entheogenic sacrament

Section Six: Working with plant spirit medicine

·         Choosing a plant spirit medicine

·         Flower essences, infused oils, tinctures, smoking blends and ointments