Candle Crafting and Magick

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Candle Magick and Philosophy:

Candle magic is practiced by many pagans, witches, and root worker paths. This will be my eclectic combination of candle magic and how I go about making intentional ritual candles. This is not the end all and be all of how to do something, so remember to pick and choose what resonates with you and feel free to change it to how it applies.

Candles contain all of the elements making them something that represents earth (wax), water (melting wax), fire (burning wick), air (smoke). Color can be representational of what you are intending to do with the candle, but I believe how you view the color and the representation is more important that someone elses description of what the candle colors and ingredients represent. Others may prefer a more specific color and representation across their practice, such as Wicca, or traditional passed down colors for a root worker.

In this class, you will develop your own candle recipe, or work from a kit. We provide pointers for working with different waxes and include a demo video of melting your wax, prepping, pouring, and cleaning up. Secondly, we provide help with carving dipped or votive sized candles as well.

**Available in Closed Caption in: English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French