Spells, Cursing, and Removing Hexes – Pre-Recorded Live Event

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(Now offered as a sliding scale course)

An important continuation of this series of Awakening the Witches will deal with the darker aspects of spell work, cursing and what it means, as well as removing hexes. We take a neutral approach to this discussion as it is something that each person must approach with their own personal compass. Traditional methods, charms, and simple items will be discussed for harnessing the energy within and around yourself, for this type of work as well as those I practice myself. We will also talk about things such as hereditary curses and previous life concepts and how to navigate these topics as they suit you and your own practice. Some topics discussed are:

What is a binding, hex, and curse?

Black Magick vs. White Magick and why these terms don’t work

Herbs and Oils to help remove curses

Following a hex (energetic chase)

Common Deities to assist

Road Opener


Candle Magick

Jar Spells  

Sigil Work

Visualization and Meditation

Un-Intentional Curses & Generational Curses

Practicing a Hex

  • All people (gender, race, sexual orientation…) are welcome here but this class isn’t a great event for kids unless they are taking the course and the parent has given approval.