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You are MAGIC is designed to help you create the life you want by amping up your vibrational field using earth wisdom, esoteric knowledge and your connection to Source energy.  We’re going to magnify our power of manifesting so that our desires come into form within weeks instead of months!

Manifesting can be an involved process but it doesn’t have to feel like one!  When we use our intuition to work in various levels of energy and incorporate them into a daily practice, we change our vibration to align with our desire.  The more we take care of ourselves and approach everyday life with love and curiosity in our heart, the higher our vibration becomes. The higher our vibration becomes, the easier it is to bring in what we want.

It’s a 5 week journey with an experience to try each week.  The course also has ongoing enrollment; this means you can begin the course when you want and take it at your own pace!  I’m available for support throughout the course, so if you have any questions feel free to email me at

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