Beginners Intuitive Tarot – For Personal Transformation and Divining

intutitive tarot class by Erika Fortner The House of Twigs
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(Now offered as a sliding scale course)

Tarot is one of these amazing tools that you can use to delve deeper into yourself, shadow-self and the path you walk.

This course is the beginners Intuitive tarot course. It will include some homework, practices and *extra credit.

In this online course you will learn:

  • Basic historical context of the tarot (This lesson is also available as a free sample section.)
  • Connecting with energy, including yours and others.
  • How to recognize your personal intuitive triggers and identifying when you are on or off with your reading.
  • Ethics of reading tarot and using it for personal transformation.
  • We do not go over memorization of the cards!. *This is the longest and hardest aspect of learning tarot, so be patient with yourself and understand this comes with practice and time.
  • Basic spreadsdivination online course the house of twigs thot
  • More advanced spreads
  • Assignments

Estimated 3-5 week course, with assignments and content you can go through at your own pace. Each week new lessons become available until the course is complete.

*Tarot shown is of the Blind Person Tarot which has its own modified imagery in the Rider-Waite style. Throughout the course we will reference many decks and examples of readings, deck combinations and spreads. We are not endorsing or negating the use of any tarot decks out there, these are just my personal decks and ones that I use in professional readings or have enjoyed using. No money is made by showing images of these decks, it’s just because I like them myself.

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Tiffany Thompson
Posted 2 years ago
More info about doing the readings

Overall it is an interesting course and I think really suited to a beginner, which was perfect for me. I really enjoyed the different decks and spreads that were used. This course is really only accessible to someone who processes and learns through reading. It would be great if each section were also a video with audio and that there was more info about each reading and how you 'build' a story

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Posted 2 years ago
great place to start

fundamentals taught in a straight forward easy way to understand and absorb.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!