COMING SOON: Introduction to Cartomancy: With the Lenormand

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Lenormand is a unique system of “The Game of Hope/Fate” which was popularized by one of the most famous fortune tellers, Madame Lenormand. Seh was well known for being a great fortune teller and was the personal reader for Napolean’s wife.

The game iteself originated around 1800, originally designed as a game in France or Germany. The named changed (after Madame Lenormand died) She was said to have her own custom deck.

This type of card reading differes from tarot or oracle readings because it is meant to be used to discuss specific things in the future and predict timing. Cartomany is a form of fortune telling.

It is a simple, yet advanced system that can add a depth to traditional divination through reading tarot and may help provide insight when the language of tarot or oracle cards won’t work.