Luciferian Witchcraft (Part 1)

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“At the core of Luciferianism is Self; the main pillars are self-preservation, rebellion against the status quo and the main goal of true enlightenment–a mentality, a mind frame beyond, and free of all human limitations. Luciferianism is not Devil worship, it is not evil and it is not a Philosophy to be feared. Last time I checked there were no crusades or genocides committed in the name of Lucifer.”—Jaclyn Cherie

Enrollment JULY 2019

Luciferian Witchcraft is a beginner, intermediate & advanced Course combined into TWO PARTS.

This Course is perfect for anyone who wants to (or does!) practice Traditional Witchcraft and live by the pillars of Lucferianism.

This is my version of Lucferianism, a practice I have molded and formed for over 13 years now; I have been a practicing Witch for 25.

The Philosophy itself is considered ‘New Age’ to some, it’s anything but in my opinion; the veneration of Lightbringers has existed since the beginning of time.

This Course is as much focused on aspects of Demonolatry and Chaos Magick as it is focused on Traditional Witchcraft; I incorporate aspects of Folk Magick, Candle Magick and Ceremonial Magick into my practice (to name a few).

As a Spiritualist at heart, the mystical aspects of this path, and life in general, are very important to me; I do not worship, though, and do not expect my students to, either. I believe worship to be a loaded word.

At the end of the day, we are our own Gods. This is not to say the Gods as Deities and/or Archetypes don’t serve their purpose in our lives. They absolutely do.

My intentions are that this Course will give you the courage and confidence to ignite the Black Flame within by providing you with exercises to help you connect and work with Infernal Energy.

I provide the tools you need to be comfortable working energies and entities for manifestation, healing, personal protection, insight (divination), and empowerment.

As with my Shadow Work Course, this Course requires you to be an active participant in your own experience; this Course requires you to rely on yourself.

I will be covering a wide range of topics, and some that may even be considered taboo; this is a hefty Course, rich with information. This is a Course that is more so about supplying you with knowledge than anything else. 

Be prepared for a lot of reading, thinking, reading some more, and then putting it all into practice.

May the light of the Black Flame guide your way.

Lux in Tenebris Lucet

**COURSE OFFERED IN TWO PARTS–YOU PAY FOR PART ONE UPON ENROLLMENT; PART TWO WILL BE A SEPARATE PAYMENT (You must sign up for Part Two, it WILL NOT be automatically deducted from any bank account or financial institution**


-Rituals and Methods of Protection, Defensive, Grounding, Banishing, Evocation and Baneful Magick

-An overview of Deities, Archetypes and Spirits of Luciferian Witchcraft

-An overview of Decolonization of Ancestral Magick, the “LHP” and how it all relates to Luciferian Witchcraft

-Practical Application of Serpentine Gnosis

-Personal Recipes and Spells

-Exercises, assignments, tips and/or practical advice with each lesson

-Direct access to Instructor via e-mail for support, counsel, and questions

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