Introduction to the Lenormand and Cartomancy – Pre-recorded via zoom

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Have you ever been interested in learning the Lenormand but don’t know where to start? This is the class so many of you have requested

!  Lenormand was originally known as the Cards of Fate and a game made famous by Marie Anne Lenormand. It is now used as a cartomancy deck, aka a fortune telling deck. It builds answers from sentence structures so we will discuss this and how to read different types of spreads, timing, interpretations, etc. It is a unique system with lots of information out there but not many accessible places to learn. it is excellent to be used in tandem with other decks and has strengths unique to its deck style.

You can hear me talk about Lenormand quite a bit on this podcast The Real Witches of End Times (episode 16).

When:  Recorded Friday, April 1st, 8th, and 15th 7-9 PM (2022)

*You must own your own Lenormand deck (Any Lenormand Deck, brand, design) or purchase one before the class begins. –

-We will start where the previous class left off so you will want to come to all of these, as we will not repeat information.

– All people (gender, race, sexual orientation…) are welcome here but this class isn’t a great event for kids unless they are taking the course and the parent has given approval.-There will also be small, reasonable homework each week, to help you practice at home.

-Event will be recorded if you miss something, however being live and asking questions is really important to this reading style! 

Cancellation policy: Up to 50% refunded for cancellations 48 hrs in advance. Cancellations within 47 hrs or less will result in a discount for a future class but no refund.

Erika Fortner, founder and Head Mistress of The House of Twigs, has been a Tarot reader, Witch, medium and Psychic for 28+ years. She is also the Head Mistress and Curator of THoT: The School of Ritual, Keven Craft Rituals, and the newest addition q. Meb (Queen Meb).

She is an Artist with a BFA from Pratt Institute and has an extensive fine Art background in NYC with one of the top Artists in the world working with museums such as the MOMA and Guggenheim as well as living in Berlin, Germany and Venice, Italy.

She is an eclectic energy worker (Reiki master as well as other healing modalities) Shamanic/folklore Witch; specializing in her own style of in-depth Tarot reading, crystal work, and channeling.

She has worked for the Psychic Friends network while in Brooklyn before deciding the ethos of the company didn’t align with her practice.

She now has her roots planted in Portland, Oregon with her partner and daughter.

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